Here’s the bulleted summary of what would’ve happened in the rest of the story. I’d love to write this or make it into a comic sometime.

-The next world Aislin would visit would be a spaceship traveling to find a new planet to colonize. The people on the ship were a mix of humans and humanoid robots (it set up for another story I had an idea for)

-Other ideas worlds included a Poke/Digimon-like world with people and partner mons, a post-apocalyptic world, a generic fantasy place, two worlds that had later stories set in them (including the one I did for NaNo 2010), and a prehistoric-like place.

-In one of the worlds, Aislin met up and worked with a travelling angel. The differences between the heavens and the world of the dead would be explained.

-About halfway through the world travels, Ria gets a call from someone saying she’s “broken the rules”. Soon after, her sister Sabia appears in the library and takes Ria away. When Aislin returns, Sabia’s the one looking after the library.

-Meanwhile, Ria’s being reprimanded by the Goddess of Death, Morrigan. It’s revealed that Ria’s her daughter, and that Ria’s also half-human.

-While Ria’s gone, Aislin takes the chance to make Sabia send her back to Ki-Lin’s world in order to rescue the princess. Aislin joins a rebel group with the same goal, and they’re successful.

-Upon her return, Sabia cruelly reveals to Aislin that Ria has no power to restore her life, and in the end it’s up to Morrigan to decide. Ria lets Aislin decide if she wants to continue to visit the worlds until then, which Aislin says she’ll do.

-Aislin only ends up visiting 12 worlds total (13 trips since she visited one twice) out of the 17 originally stated. Morrigan allows her to return to life since she’s been “such a hard worker”. It’s also out of kindness to her daughter, though she wouldn’t admit it.

-Ria chains herself to Aislin in order to take the trip through the soulstream to Aislin’s world, which has been frozen in time since her death. Ria heals Aislin’s body enough for her to live. Ria seems sad that Aislin is leaving, and lightly kisses her before leaving. Aislin returns to her body, and time starts flowing in her world once more.

-Aislin spends a week or so in the hospital recovering (over her winter holiday from school and the new year). Her body heals, but her mind is ravaged by voices — souls of the dying people in the hospital begging to live. She can also still see the reapers.

-Aislin’s condition doesn’t improve even after she goes home. Some days she doesn’t hear anything, while others she is bedridden from the pain of the feelings and voices. Morrigan visits her one night, saying that because of the close and prolonged contact with the world of the dead and with Ria has transferred some of their supernatural power to her. Morrigan regulates the power — Aislin can still see the reapers and feel the souls, but it won’t cause her pain any longer.

-And then there was going to be a sequel involving another world beginning to merge with Aislin’s, and the resulting demon invasion and other issues it caused.

Tomorrow I’ll start posting my NaNo2010 story 😀

Afterlife: Second Tale – Summary

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