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Lysanne’s morning was chaotic. In addition to oversleeping by an hour, while taking a shower she ended up dozing off and running even later. She ran around the house packing for the trip. Briana was perched on the back of the couch watching with great amusement.

“I thought you’d be gone before I got up.”

“Well, I overslept! You could’ve woken me up…” Lysanne shoved some food into her bag and ran to the door.

“You always say I’m not allowed in your room, so I didn’t go. Hope your partner isn’t TOO angry!”
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Note: This story never got a title, so I just call it by what year I wrote it in, or by the codename I used for the RP the story is based off of.

“Oh gods. It’s not dead.”

The thick-furred monster growled as it rose up on its hind legs, staring at the human girl standing in front of it. It tracked her with its eyes as she circled around, attempting to get into a better position. Its ears tilted back as it picked up the sounds of footsteps to its rear.

The girl took that moment to fire her handgun again into the side of the monster. It screamed in pain, dropped back down to all fours and turned to her. She began to take aim again, but the monster charged, sending her scrambling.
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