Prologue: Death

There was a sound. Then nothing.

I remember my vision fading as quickly as my hearing.

But my thoughts…


I want to live!
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wanna buy something? no, i'm not for sale.

DotD #9

bunch of older stuff i found, which is why it’s a bonus


maybe you should run. i think she wants to kill you

DotD #8


rich girl relaxing with tea. oh yeeeah

DotD #7


why did i draw you from behind? i hate drawing from behind. you look bad and younger than you really are

DotD #6


it's like "how do i change her outfit without changing it too much?" she's too iconic of a character in my mind, not like you all would know

DotD #5


you're so happy! why are you so happy!?

DotD #4

it is a cosplay thing

something i pulled out that i decided to finish. holy shit color and shading.

DotD #3


i can't do perspective on wings, and i chickened out on drawing the hands

DotD #2