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(Summary of chapter 6, which I never wrote: Jiang’s army has surrounded the capital and demanded Ki-Lin, or they will destroy and pillage the city. Ki-Lin, horrified at what her “selfish” decision has led to, turns herself over to Jiang’s officers. However, before she is taken away, Aislin rescues her and the two attempt to escape. Unfortunately, Ki-Lin is recaptured protecting a weakened Aislin from the soldiers. Aislin is also almost captured later, but suddenly falls into a hole…)

Part 7: Decision
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Part 5: War

For the next few days, Aislin and Ki-Lin spent most of their days together. They ate every meal together, and took frequent walks through the gardens. Aislin even attended a few of the meetings Ki-Lin was forced to attend with her advisors.
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(I’m a derp and didn’t realize I had more written on my laptop. So here’s the rest of chapter 4)

Aislin and Ki-Lin spent the rest of the morning together viewing the garden. There was some conversation, mostly one-sided on Ki-Lin’s end. As they were heading back inside, a servant approached them.

“Lady Ki-Lin, your visitor has arrived and is waiting in the meeting room.”

“Visitor? What is the date?”

“The 16th, my lady.”

“…” Ki-Lin sighed. “I apologize, Aislin, but this is one meeting that I cannot run away from. You are free to do anything you wish for the rest of the day. I’m sure I’ll be in that room until dinner, at least.”
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Part 4: Conflict

The sunlight streaming through the large windows awoke Aislin the next morning. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Her body still ached slightly, and her head was also still fuzzy. She briefly noticed that she wasn’t hungry like she expected to be after the night. The thought was forgotten as she ran her hand through her hair, bumping her ear. Aislin flinched in pain, and then remembered about the earring Ria roughly stuck through before she left the library.
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Part 3: Together

The young girl, dressed in expensive robes, opened the basement door and quickly fled down the stairs. She adjusted the clips in her hair as she walked down the dark hallway. She ducked into the familiar alcove…stumbling over the body curled up within.
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Part 2: Alone

She appeared in a forest.

Aislin scanned the area. Other than the occasional chirp from a nearby bird, it was silent. She guessed she was rather deep in this forest, since there were trees in every direction. She wasn’t even on anything that resembled a traveling path.

The dark-haired girl sighed and sat against a tree. She noticed a leather bag on the ground next to her. Inside was a book almost identical to the one Ria had in the library. This one was thinner, and after flipping through the pages, completely blank. Aislin had hoped it would have some clues as to who to look for in this world, but there was nothing. She sighed again.

This was the first time she had ever been truly alone.
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Prologue: Death

There was a sound. Then nothing.

I remember my vision fading as quickly as my hearing.

But my thoughts…


I want to live!
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